About Closed Molding

About Closed Molding Processes

SMC Compression Molding ProcessClosed molding processes are ideal for efficient fabrication of consistent, quality parts at medium and high volume, with relatively little waste and harmful emissions.

There are many processes within this family, known by various names. You’ll find an explanatory page on each process that we offer (see menu list) explaining how it works and benefits.

If you are undecided which process is best for your project, start with the chart below. The options are organized by typical volume and a relational gauge on economic factors.

For new products, a low volume process such as open molding is often practical for early stages.

About Closed Molded


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Technical Design Guide for FRP Composite Products and Parts PDF Fiberglass (FRP) composite materials and processes are explained in detail. This design guide outlines various selection criteria with helpful technical data and comparisons to alternative materials.