HVAC System Components

HVAC System Components

HVAC system featuring composite partsNon-flammability and electrical conductivity standards are driving demand for material conversion of HVAC system components to composites. In addition to the performance benefits, composites offer HVAC manufacturers the ability to consolidate parts, reduce noise levels, and improve other areas of functionality.

Fiberglass condensate pan.For new product designs, MFG offers prototyping and first article fabrication. The engineering design center and R&D lab are available to assist you with evaluation, testing and certification of material options to achieve the performance target you need. We offer many UL-approved formulations specifically designed for HVAC parts - or we can support your application for specific UL approvals. For product improvements, we can support re-designs and engineering changes - bringing to bear the latest material, process, environmental and other factors that are relevant to your objectives.

Condensate Pans, HVAC Bases, Blower Housings
Materials That Meet UL, ROHS and EU Reach Standards
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MFG has a number of proprietary materials that are UL-certified.  A list of these with specific details can be found by searching "Molded Fiber Glass Companies" (note spelling) on UL’s online certifications directory. There is also a downloadable list at the bottom of this page.

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Many composite materials are also ROHS and EU Reach compliant. The engineering staff at MFG Research is available to assist you with meeting regulatory standards that pertain to your product. 

Quality and Other Certifications
  • Many UL 94-5VA and UL 723 approved materials - see Resources below to download Data Sheets
  • Experience aiding customers in UL approval process
  • ISO-9001
  • ROHS and EU REACH approved materials
Value Added Services
  • Molding and Tooling Capabilities for threaded-in receptacles and complex geometries
  • Weight Reduction
  • Parts Consolidation
  • Material Innovation
  • Prototyping
Resource Typesort descending Description
iNVENTA™ 74109 Ultra Light SMC Material PDF The ultimate material for mass reduction, featuring a specific gravity under 1.11 (~60% lighter than standard SMC formulations).
Technical Design Guide for FRP Composite Products and Parts PDF Fiberglass (FRP) composite materials and processes are explained in detail. This design guide outlines various selection criteria with helpful technical data and comparisons to alternative materials.
UL Certified FRP Materials from MFG PDF List of proprietary MFG materials that are UL-approved.
iNVENTA 615UL SMC Material Datasheet PDF iNVENTA 615UL is a UL 94-5V approved non-halogenated reinforced thermoset SMC material. Ideal for applications where non-flammability is crucial.
INVENTA 515UL SMC Material Datasheet PDF INVENTA 515UL is a UL approved reinforced thermoset SMC material. Ideal for HVAC components and other applications where non-flammability is crucial.
iCom 617 SMC Material Datasheet PDF iCom 617 is a non-halogenated fiberglass thermoset sheet molding compound with a UL 723 rating.
iCom 618 SMC Material Datasheet PDF iCom 618 is a UL approved non-halogenated fiberglass reinforced thermoset SMC.