About Us

Your Premium Source for Composite Products and Services

There are many manufacturers to choose from, with various specialties and strengths. What sets MFG apart is a depth and breadth of capability that is driven by a singular focus on composites.

This comprehensive capability is a result of 70 years of service in many industries. Getting inside customer challenges and collaborating with them on solutions to improve their products, efficiency and bottom line. A network of facilities that are aligned with regional demands. And advancing materials and processes through internally funded R&D.

No other supplier brings comparable know-how and manufacturing capacity. Take a look at our offerings and let's start a discussion on how we might serve you.

MFG’s Customer-Focused Value Proposition

  • Depth of experience in many industries adds to your design team’s intelligence, accelerates turn-on of new projects, and insures that finished goods meet/exceed your expectations.
  • Versed and equipped in the spectrum of composite molding processes and technologies so we are able to provide an optimum material/process solution that satisfies your design and cost targets.
  • The market leader in advanced materials development, with a menu of proprietary materials as well as the ability to provide custom material formulations.
  • Dedicated value-added engineering support to support your new concepts, product improvements and cost-efficiencies.
  • The industry’s largest network of facilities – strategically located for regional coverage across North America. This provides you with optimized labor and logistics costs, capacity flexibility, and proximity to market for the most competitive cost structure possible.
  • Best in Class quality and management practices have made MFG a trusted supply partner to leading manufacturing companies.

Founder and Visionary

Robert S. Morrison, Founder of MFGRobert S. Morrison (1909-2002) and a handful of dedicated men and women collaborated in 1948 to mass-produce the first commercial products using polyester resins and fiber glass reinforcements. In 1953 a watershed event occurred when MFG was selected to produce all FRP body parts for the new Chevrolet Corvette. This success led to a sequence of other "firsts" - FRP boats, high volume truck and tractor components, bakery trays, concrete forms and satellite dishes among others. More than 70 years later, the enduring pioneer spirit, commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity in business that Morrison instilled lives on as a keystone of MFG's corporate mission.  The history of MFG's achievements in compression molding is outlined in this Timeline Brochure.

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MFG Achievements in Compression Molding PDF Illustrated brochure showing historical timeline of MFG's achievements in compression molding technologies.