Military, Defense and Security

Products for Military, Defense and Security Applications

MRAP Miliary vehicle with fiberglass hood from MFGThe material characteristics of composites are ideally suited to military, defense and security products. MFG has a strong record of successful partnership building FRP products for government agencies such as DARPA as well as prime and sub contractors.

Defense customers place high value on our key strengths: outside-the-box problem solving, weight reduction, corrosion resistance, part consolidation and prototyping.  Frequently order flexibility is a supplier selection criteria - and our extensive network of facilities allows us to deliver on that as well.

With a full gamut of advanced materials and processes, we can support specific requirements for appearance, aerodynamics, durability and weight. Our involvement in other demanding industries – automotive, truck, electrical, space communications and wind energy - bolsters the value we bring to defense customers. (LEARN MORE: dowload case study examples at bottom of this page)

MFG is resourced to meet your requirements in the areas of quality assurance, JIT delivery and project management. Rigorous program management during design, tool building, first article approval and production launch ensures synchronization with your delivery needs.

Value Added Services
  • Weight/mass reduction (light weighting)
  • Part consolidation
  • Material innovation
  • R&D and accredited testing laboratory
  • Prototyping
  • Professional project management
  • Plants located across the USA to support OEM Quick Reaction Capability
Quality and Other Certifications


Military Vehicles
  • Exterior Panels (hoods, fenders, hatchbacks, doors, window frames, tool/stowage boxes)
  • Under Hood Panels (cooling module covers/panels, battery boxes/covers, engine covers, firewalls)
  • Structural (load floors, wheelhouse assemblies, rear compartments/underbody, front fascia, transmission covers, ballistic panels)
Shelters, Pods and Containers, War Fighter Safety Equipment, Training Simulators

MFG PRiME Process

Resource Type Description
Mass Reduction With Value-Engineered Composites PDF Light-weighting (mass reduction) using advanced composite materials.
Technical Design Guide for FRP Composite Products and Parts PDF Fiberglass (FRP) composite materials and processes are explained in detail. This design guide outlines various selection criteria with helpful technical data and comparisons to alternative materials.
Guide for Selecting Best FRP Composite Process PDF Guidelines for Selecting the Best FRP Composite Process for Your Project
INVENTA 515UL SMC Material Datasheet PDF INVENTA 515UL is a UL approved reinforced thermoset SMC material. Ideal for HVAC components and other applications where non-flammability is crucial.
iCom 618 SMC Material Datasheet PDF iCom 618 is a UL approved non-halogenated fiberglass reinforced thermoset SMC.
Case Study of Composites Use in Military and Defense Products PDF Case Study of Composites Use in a number of Military and Defense Products include vehicles and kitchen pods.
iNVENTA™ 74109 Ultra Light SMC Material PDF The ultimate material for mass reduction, featuring a specific gravity under 1.11 (~60% lighter than standard SMC formulations).