Construction – Building Fixtures

Construction Applications – Building Fixtures

Fiberglass bathware parts from MFGFrom high gloss bath to beautiful composite residential doors to durable hot tub covers and platforms – composites bring esthetics, durability, weight advantages and often economy to residential and commercial building elements. Molded-in color and/or texture eliminate the possibility of layers that chip or peel with age, and products are naturally stain and heat resistant.

We offer a variety of proven FRP composite formulations with high gloss finish, stain-resistance and UV stability. There is almost no limit to size, from complex large moldings such as shower walls and bath tubs, down to small items such as sinks for small spaces like in RV’s - MFG has most likely produced it. With our comprehensive menu of molding processes to offer, we can support your team in designing an approach that meets your price and delivery targets.

Value Added Services for Construction Products
  • Engineering and design support
  • Materials Formulated for Esthetics (high gloss, wood grain, in-mold coloring, etc.), UV-stability, Stain-resistance.
  • Plants located across the USA and Mexico enable JIT delivery and minimize transportation expense
Quality and Other Certifications
  • ISO-9001
Bathware – Commercial and Residential
  • Bases
  • Shower walls
  • Bathtubs – including specialty for handicapped
  • Bathware for recreational vehicles
Hot Tub Bases and Covers
Commercial Mop Basins (utility tubs)
Exterior Door Skins
Resource Type Description
Technical Design Guide for FRP Composite Products and Parts PDF Fiberglass (FRP) composite materials and processes are explained in detail. This design guide outlines various selection criteria with helpful technical data and comparisons to alternative materials.
Guide for Selecting Best FRP Composite Process PDF Guidelines for Selecting the Best FRP Composite Process for Your Project
Case Study: FRP Detectable Warning Tiles for Handicap Safety PDF Case study explaining how a start-up enterprise transitioned from rubber to FRP material to become an industry leader.
UL Certified FRP Materials from MFG PDF List of proprietary MFG materials that are UL-approved.
iNVENTA 616UL SMC Material Datasheet PDF INVENTA 616UL is a UL 723 approved reinforced thermoset SMC material. Ideal for HVAC components and other applications where non-flammability is crucial.