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An Event to Remember — For Man Who Accomplished So Much

  • Clockwise from upper left: Jim Sommer and Gerry Bender at the company picnic. Richard Morrison, CEO of MFG and Jim Sommer surrounded by Jim’s MFG West teammates. First wind energy blade manufactured at MFG West circa 1988. In 2001 Jim was recognized with MFG’s prestigious Pioneer award for launching MFG in the wind energy business.

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  • Highlights from Jim Sommer’s many years with MFG and Parabam.

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  • Highlights from Jim Sommer’s many years with MFG and Parabam.

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MFG Celebrates Jim Sommer’s 32+ Years of Leadership

In January 2011, Jim Sommer retired after 32+ years with MFG West. Late last year a spectrum of MFG teammates who had been touched by Jim’s leadership and friendship had the opportunity to participate in some special events celebrating his contributions.

On September 25th, a company-wide picnic provided an opportunity for Jim’s direct-report teammates to share personal conversations and offer him best wishes.

Later in October, a surprise all-entity gathering was conducted via a Go-To-Meeting teleconference to honor him. Upon logging in to the conference, Jim was in the midst of a virtual crowd! Richard Morrison, CEO of MFG, got the presentations started with a multi-media show of Jim’s years with the company, followed by a video that was crafted from clips of Jim’s own reflections. Long-standing colleagues passed the mic around the “virtual table” recounting stories about his accomplishments and antics.

Finally, on October 30th, at a farewell dinner gala, Jim was presented with a sapphire blue golf cart to add to the enjoyment of a new, leisure-filled chapter of his life. In attendance were numerous MFG management representatives and close colleagues.

Many thanks to Eric Cisneros, Barbara Rivet and Sue Yates from MFG West, as well as Kurt Fink at MFG corporate, for their fine work getting all the logistics pulled together.