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South Dakota’s Governor Daugaard Stops at MFG SD on “Top Manufacturers Tour”

  • The governor listens intently as the molding and finishing processes are explained to him. Shown L to R: David Giovannini, GM MFG SD; Pat Costello, Commissioner of SD Governor’s Office of Economic Development; Governor Dennis Daugaard; Mark Rumrey, QA Manager for MFG SD.

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On November 22, the governor of South Dakota and members of his economic team visited MFG SD in Aberdeen for a full facility tour and discussion on his efforts to boost the state’s economy and employment. Governor Dennis Daugaard first visited MFG SD when he announced his candidacy for office in 2010. This stop, however, was part of fulfilling a promise he made to personally become familiar with the top manufacturing companies to better understand their business and facilitate access to various state agencies.

According to General Manager David Giovannini, Governor Daugaard was fascinated with the processes involved in blade manufacturing and, more specifically, the practices that MFG SD is using to bring up new teammates in these processes. He hopes to make a return visit when new molds are online early next year.

Other government officials involved in the discussions included: Pat Costello, Commissioner of SD Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED); Ryan Budmayr, staff assistant for the governor; Jim Barringer, EVP and Chris Haar, Director of Operations from Aberdeen Development Corporation; and Julie M. Johnson, Executive Director Absolutely!Aberdeen.